What is SME StockEx?

SME StockEx is a blockchain based trading platform by HRIH Investments where SMEs and individuals can buy and sell company shares conveniently and securely.

We have developed an SME Stock Exchange where various SMEs from South Africa will be listed. Businesses will be categorised according to industry, services, and products and can be invested individually and as part of a portfolio. All profits/capital generated will be used for acquiring assets (commercial property, houses, vehicles, other profit-generating investments) for the listed companies or will be directly distributed among the listed companies.


The designed portfolios will be available as Top Performers, High ROI, Warrants, CFDs, Options, Bonds, and a variety of combinations that are available to prospective SME investors. The project is designed to provide easy financing to SMEs as well as offer lucrative investment opportunities to interested and prospective investors. All verified addressed that invest in the various companies, will be paid dividends based on the performance of the companies, individually and/or portfolio performance.



Each listed company will go through an application process with relevant screening and checking by our professional group of Accountants and Auditors. Since we are using Non-Reissuable Tokens to represent company shares, we will hold a list of share certificates issued by each company's Accountant, which will allow them permission to be listed on the exchange. This means that no new or extra tokens will ever be reissued which allows for Token Security, Token Valuation, and Validation to be secured and guaranteed when we do annual auditing on all portfolios and listed companies.

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Hilton R.I. Hartnick - Owner, HRIH Investments
We have worked two years developing this project and have finally completed this project to offer to individuals, businesses and entrepeneurs that want to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies.
Hilton R.I. Hartnick - Owner, HRIH Investments

Our Professional Team

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Hilton Recardo Izak Hartnick

The owner and CEO of HRIH Investments. A qualified Financial Manager, Database Developer and IT Specialist.

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